Nice to Meet You!

Hi. I’m Liisa (lee-zah).

I’m a personal trainer and paddler who loves historic buildings (especially firehouses) and ancient doors, seriously crusty bread, my dog, and being out on the water any chance I can get!

I’m REALLY passionate about helping women discover their true power — through fitness! I like to say I help other mermaids live strong(h)er, fuller lives — without getting lost and frustrated in the overwhelm of unrealistic Instagram workouts — through simple, enjoyable, and KICKASS fitness strategies. 

I didn’t unlock the magic of this system until my forties, and it’s changed my life dramatically! I don’t spend hours in the gym, I don’t obsess over what I eat, and I don’t dread my workouts.

The fitness strategies I teach are the very same ones that helped me realize my own dreams of earning a spot on a decorated Montreal women’s dragon boat team, and then a place on Team USA — first as a paddler, then as a coach.

But you don’t have to want to get on a national team to benefit from (or enjoy!) my program.

I love seeing the transformations my clients go through, sharing their wins, and seeing their confidence shine! I’d love to share that with you too!

Want to explore how we can work together? Book a mermaid call with me! We’ll take 30 minutes to go over your goals and see which of my programs is the best fit for you.

I also invite you to come join me and 400+ awesome women in my Facebook group where I do live trainings, give fitness tips, and more every week.

I look forward to getting to know you!