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Want more customers? Hire a copywriter.

“I want to be a plumber, accountant, supply chain manager, human resources specialist AND marketing expert” said no one ever. Any ONE of those roles is tough enough, but small business owners often find themselves wearing multiple hats doing the work of running the business as well as the actual work of the business. This is a recipe for disaster. And burnout. Just as you need separate experts to take care of your books, your people, and your product, you also need someone to take care of the copy. If you’re a business owner thinking of doing your own copywriting and marketing to save money, here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t.

1. Bad writing makes your business look, well, bad.

Let’s go back to the plumber scenario. You’ve gone through the process of learning the trade, apprenticing, and getting independently licensed. You are now finally out on your own and growing your business. You do really good work, know your stuff inside and out, and your customers rave about you. But you need to to expand your potential circle of clients to drum up new business. You decide to take out an ad in your local newspaper. After all, how hard could it be to write a few words?

Really hard, as it happens. You need to catch people’s attention, be memorable, credible, and authentic. And you need to do it without misspellings, incorrect grammar, or misplaced punctuation. If you don’t, people may equate that with a lack of attention to detail, a poor work ethic, and a less-than-stellar attitude toward customers. If you want to make a good impression, you’re better off with a skilled writer in your corner.

2. You have more important work to do.

Like the actual work. Did you start your own business with the goal of working 14- or 16-hour days? Probably not. But if you’re going to do your own writing and marketing on TOP of everything else, that’s precisely what will end up happening. Writing good copy takes time — especially if you’re inexperienced.

3. A copywriter can save you money.

Let’s say you charge $40/hr for labor. If you spend 3 hours writing your ad copy, that’s $120.00 you didn’t earn. If you hire a copywriter who charges the same rate but accomplishes the task in an hour—you’re still ahead by $80.00!

4. Copywriters get results.

Copywriters aren’t just people who are naturally good wordsmiths. This is their craft, their career, their area of expertise. They’ve spent years honing their skills just as you have. They can customize your message to your particular audience. They know how to tell the story that needs to be told (and leave out the stuff that won’t resonate). They’re also more likely to get your ad through the endless stream of “Buy! Buy! Buy!” messaging. They know how to hook a reader and compel them to take action—to call YOU. Hiring a skilled writer will give you a better shot at getting your message seen and your client list expanded.

Still on the fence?

No matter what your niche, you probably wouldn’t recommend to the average person that they do their own plumbing, electrical, or medical procedures. Same goes for copywriters. If you want results, you’re best off hiring a professional. (Note: studies show that approx. 88% of consumers research a company, product, or service online before making a purchase. With those stats, you might want a copywriter to evaluate your website too!)

Oh hey! I’m a copywriter! If you need help with an ad (or anything else that has words in it), I’d love to connect with you 🙂
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